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Should You Quit Your Day Job?

Or in my case full time night job and focus 100% on blogging or explore the uncharted territory of “unemployment”? Here’s an infographic I got from IFB:     Advertisements

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Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

I read a blog post written by Erica Johnson and the article motivated me to come up with an idea as well. It’s really inspiring to know that there are a lot of people out there who really take blogging seriously. This makes me want to be more serious with my blog and keep everyone… Continue reading Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

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The Year That Was

We’re counting down the remaining days of 2011 to say hello to 2012. Wow! How fast time really flies. Every day turned into months and now we’re almost about the close the year. I feel pretty good about the coming year though. I feel like I am set to do great things and I will… Continue reading The Year That Was

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Let’s Talk About Hair

Have you ever put too much thought when you shower on how you can properly wash your hair? I personally don’t even think about it except for the fact that I need to use different brands or else if I stick to just one brand, I risk getting flakes. Not pretty at all! Right now,… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Hair

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Future Dinner

I look forward to cooking wonderful meals and sharing them with “you”. I know one day it will come. For now, let’s remain hopeful. I’ll see you soon…

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Back To Square One

Welcome to my newest blog… I initially planned to start a new blog early next year but I decided to start writing a few posts before officially launching it next month so even if I procrastinate I already have some content. I am starting this blog in the attempt to discover the wonders of life,… Continue reading Back To Square One