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Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

I read a blog post written by Erica Johnson and the article motivated me to come up with an idea as well. It’s really inspiring to know that there are a lot of people out there who really take blogging seriously. This makes me want to be more serious with my blog and keep everyone posted as often as I can. I have another blog that I maintain and it’s mainly lifestyle. Visit if you have time (I would sure appreciate it.)

Just as one idea hit me, another one came, and so on. At first, I wanted to post a picture of the food I eat every day. Thinking that I sometimes eat the same food (especially if it’s a favorite), I digressed. I thought of posting travel pictures then again, I will not be travelling to an interesting place on a daily basis. I thought of photographing a person I meet but then it’s not going to be original anymore. Ahhhh, I am just so full of ideas and what’s ironic is I negate myself.

So, here comes a solid thing that I plan to do and it will start on the very first day of January. I will be photographing the plate number of every vehicle that I ride. I don’t have my own car yet and I wanted to see if within the span of this Project 365 I would be taking the same taxi or car twice. Then again, the driver might also change from time to time even if it’s the same plate number. It’s really getting more interesting as I type this. Really and truly, the main reason why I wanted to document this is for me to note the behavior of the driver of each car and this could potentially save anyone from any hassle that I have experienced (of course that will include if the driver was smelly, if the meter is so fast or if the driver pretends like he does not know direction so he can take the longer route among other things). I will also be documenting any conversation that I will have with the driver (sometimes drivers are too chatty). I may also talk about the make and model of the car.

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Of course on days that I just stay home, I will be writing about other stuff too. I may write about my thoughts, the random things that happen to me, the food I eat, the places I see, and people I meet.

Do you think this project is interesting enough?


One thought on “Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

  1. Hi I am also participating in Project 365 for 2012 (Photograph and share the story of a Veteran a Day).

    I like the idea that you settled on and have added you to my blogroll and look forward to watching your blog all year long. =)

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