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Should You Quit Your Day Job?

Or in my case full time night job and focus 100% on blogging or explore the uncharted territory of “unemployment”? Here’s an infographic I got from IFB:     Advertisements

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When You Aren’t Happy With Your Job…Quit!

When you aren’t happy with your job (company, relationship, whatever) anymore, then by all means Q-U-I-T! Yes, I could say it as blunt as that because if it happens to me I will quit and find a replacement where my needs will be met. I would not want to have a heavy heart every time… Continue reading When You Aren’t Happy With Your Job…Quit!

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The Magnum Effect

Last month I started reading about the newest cold treat craze in town in Twitter: Magnum Ice Cream. Celebrities and top bloggers are tweeting about this delectable ice cream bar from sun-up to sundown. I even read raves and cravings about it at dawn while I am at work. So, what’s the craze all about?… Continue reading The Magnum Effect

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He Is Everything But…

I chanced upon a Youtube video today which shows an American man, Jimmy Sieczka, going around Cebu talking about the twenty (20) reasons why he dislikes the Philippines. He is currently a mentor at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, Philippines after several years as a production sound mixer. In his video,… Continue reading He Is Everything But…

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Why The Gap?

I have not blogged here for a little while because I went on a trip to Singapore and Mindanao with my boyfriend. We sure had a wonderful time. I was able to blog in my main blog though so if you want to catch up on our trip, you may find it here, here, here… Continue reading Why The Gap?

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School of Hard Knocks: Adizero Rose 2.5 Black and Blue Colorway

Adidas recently launched the Black and Blue Colorway as inspired by Derrick Rose’s hard fought path to the NBA from the physical style of play at Murray Park in the Englewood neighborhood of Derrick’s hometown of Chicago. The shoe features tumbled, full grain leather and luxury nubuck leather upper for a smooth off-court look to… Continue reading School of Hard Knocks: Adizero Rose 2.5 Black and Blue Colorway

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Bourne Legacy In Manila

Yes, I am talking about the Bourne film series which starred Matt Damon and a whole slew of Hollywood personalities including Julia Stiles, Franka Potente, Joan Allen and many others). It started with Bourne Identity in 2002, Bourne Supremacy in 2004, Bourne Ultimatum in 2007 and the 4th standalone installment of the movie Bourne Legacy… Continue reading Bourne Legacy In Manila