Welcome to my blog! This is the newest blog in my growing list of blogs.

The blog, A Day In The Life Of This Miss, is a blog that I am maintaining in another blog platform.

A Peek Into My Life

I am almost 30 but I feel 20. Don’t raise your brows, I mean no harm. You’ll never really know how energetic I could be until you get to spend a day with me. That’s where the age thing came from. Haha! Age is just a number and being young is just attitude (to borrow KC’s words).

I write a whole lot. I like writing letters to special people in my life. My life is basically an open book. I am passionate about expressing my thoughts into words. Writing is my escape from the harsh concrete jungle where I live and work right now. I chew and spit words and write them too.

I think blogging is noble. I believe that when you blog, you teach people and influence people around you. Not to mention you inspire too. Maybe one day when I am old and gray, I could go back to this spot and discover a life well-lived.

This blog is geared towards sharing my life one day at a time. Yes, including the boring details…


I started blogging in 2004 using the Multiply platform. I dabbled into Blogger as well but didn’t really had the motivation and dedication to maintain a site. I got into serious blogging in 2008 and the fire hasn’t waned yet. I am now trying the WordPress platform and so far I am liking the features available for me.

This blog is maintained by Kessa Thea Peralta, currently working as a Corporate Services Manager in the world’s leading source of intelligent information for business and professionals. I belong in the financial department and this means I am closer to the 4-year course I finished and the MBA course I am taking than when I worked in the call center industry. I managed product specialists and client operations analysts and we all work closely with financial professionals (investor relations).  This simply means that I am not a full-time blogger. However, since my middle name is “multitasking” I can commit to being able to update this blog as often as possible (barring any uncontrollable reasons).

I have recently uncovered my love for traveling so expect tons of travel-related posts. I hate drama and halfwits with equal passion. Though I might seem to be shielded, I am generally low maintenance. I am still learning the ropes of traveling light. I happily embrace any change and I avoid conflicts. I don’t have any problems blurting out a hearty laugh at any given time. I love ballet and art films and a staunch believer of the Rights of a Child. I believe in the healing powers of chocolates, gratitude, love, flowers and tender kisses.

Join me as I attempt to document the ebbs and flows of my daily life.  Share in the randomness that will unravel right before your very eyes.

I am a grown woman, shaped by my past and continuously challenged by my future. I am willing to take risks, to get in peoples’ faces, to weather angry responses, to ask and risk rejection, to make bold claims, to take chances because I do not like to spend watching the sunset with what-ifs in my mind. Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission while I confidently trod in the direction of my dreams because in the long run, I only hit what I aim at.

“There will be little rubs and disappointments everywhere, and we are all apt to expect too much; but then, if one scheme of happiness fails, human nature turns to another; if the first calculation is wrong, we make a second better: we find comfort somewhere.”  – Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

Photo taken at Parallax Studio, Makati City/Hair by Ara Fernando/Photographer Wes Villarica/Stylist Isha Andaya/Make Up Omar Ermita


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