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The Magnum Effect

Last month I started reading about the newest cold treat craze in town in Twitter: Magnum Ice Cream. Celebrities and top bloggers are tweeting about this delectable ice cream bar from sun-up to sundown. I even read raves and cravings about it at dawn while I am at work. So, what’s the craze all about? The The ice cream bars are coated with a thick layer of cracking Belgian chocolate. Can you just imagine the cracks in every bite? Hmmmmmmm! In Manila, only three flavors are available — almond (currently my favorite), chocolate truffles and the classic, which consists of a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick covered with chocolate (there are 10 in the US if I am not mistaken).

Magnum is a collaboration between Unilever and RFM (Selecta). The ice cream bars are now available in leading supermarkets and 7-Eleven outlets nationwide. I am so lucky that there is a 7-Eleven store near my office but I have checked it out and only got lucky once because they always run out of stocks. I didn’t go gaga over it but the taste was enough to make me try it again.

Magnum’s Hollywood celebrity endorsers include Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Ivanka Trump and Rachel Bilson, who appeared in the Magnum TV commercial in the United States. In the Philippines, brand ambassadors include Erwan Heussaf, Liz Uy, Solenn Heussaff, Raymond Gutierrez, Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Rajo Laurel.

As it is marketed as a premium ice cream, Magnum partnered with Kart Lagerfeld to create this advertisement in the US. This is Magnum’s strategy to enter the US market last year: enter the American market with a splash with a series of short films starring The O.C. star Rachel Bilson, directed by Chanel and Fendis legendary creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

I haven’t seen the local advertisement yet until today (if there is any). I do think the brand is relying much on social media to promote the product and I think they are successful for the most part. Local celebrities and netizens clearly welcomed Magnum such that it became a the top trending topic on microblogging site Twitter.

Here’s an interesting picture that shows the Magnum Global Index (an infographic created by MyManila.Net):

Have you tried it? What can you say about it? What’s your favorite variant to date?


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