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How To Grow Your Own Garden?

I have long been wanting to have my own flower garden in my own house but right now I am just living in a teeny weeny apartment and the only land I own is that patch of earth inside a flower pot. I have attempted to grow roses and lilies but they all wilted and eventually died due to the sweltering heat in my makeshift veranda outside my window. I have however learned a few gardening tips from my aunt who owns a flower garden. And oh she sells them too…

NOTE: All the pictures in this post were taken in Denmark. Thank you Christian for the photos and I hope you don’t mind that I edited them… 

This is the field of wheat and barley (yellow) just outside the house. I like the rolling hills and the spray of blooms and the lush greens.

1. Start by setting aside some space in your yard to have a garden. Make sure that the area has access to sunlight and where the soil isn’t too moist. If the plants you will be growing are sensitive to sunlight, ensure that you install some barriers like nets or makeshift roofs to shield the delicate flowers.

2. Loosen the soil. You can do this by using a garden tool. Remove big rocks which may hamper the growth of the roots. If you growing organically, enrich your soil by adding something like peat moss and dehydrated cow manure. Don’t forget to put in some mulch into the soil to improve the quality.

A beautiful peach rose...

3. Choose plants/flowers that are in season and ensure that you have a plan on how to do it. Of course, it is always best to know the variety of plants that would thrive in your garden and in the area where you are at. Keep in mind that the weather will play a very big role in the success of your own garden.

Purple beauty...

4. When watering the garden, you’re better off to set up a sprinkler to run for a period of time than using a hose with direct nozzle. This will cause the plants to flatten or wilt sometimes. In addition, there’s also the fact that a hot afternoon is about the worst time to water because a lot of the water evaporates in the heat so make sure that you set the sprinkler to turn on in the morning.

Oh carnations... One of the flowers I really love.

5. Visit your garden everyday. This will be a sure way for you to relax and yes smell the roses… Your loving touch and green thumb will help ensure that your garden will bloom.

Ideally this leads to a gazebo...Looking so romantic.

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