Look Who’s On The Digital Billboard?

My sister’s husband joined a contest last month and he won. He had to send a picture of their wedding rings and tell the sponsor, which in this case is Revicon Max, how much he loves his wife. My brother-in-law and my sister created this creative collage of some of the snapshots from their wedding day:

After a couple of weeks, they were adjudged as the winner and Revicon Max will be flying them to Boracay (for a second honeymoon) early next year. Their picture together was also used for the digital billboards (LED) of the product which are shown here in Metro Manila (C5 Libis, Eastwood, EDSA Boni and EDSA Guadalupe). The ad will be shown until the 25th of December on several spots within the day.

Here are some captured images of the ad spot:

If you have seen the LED billboard, please take a picture and send to me. I am such a proud sister!


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