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Happy Holidays From Denmark

I received a few pictures from Denmark in my mailbox today and I thought I would share them with you all. It was sent to me by Christian. These pictures were taken inside and outside their family home. The holiday ornaments were made by his mom. What I did was enhance the color and add borders and effects.

The glass window is something I really really like. I can imagine myself sitting next to the coffee table sipping a warm cup of tea. Those rolling hills will all be covered with white snow. Brrrrr!

This holiday wreath is pinned on the porch. Look h ow cute those ribbons are! I’ve seen some wreaths like these sold at McKinley Road at the Forbes but when I decided to buy one they weren’t selling anymore. Too bad…

Here’s the patch of trees outside their backyard. These trees are the ones usually cut and decorated with colorful trimmings and lights as well as other festive ornaments.

Thank you Christian for sending me these pictures. I will wait for the winter pictures that you promised to send soon. Happy holidays!!!


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