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Guess Who’s Back?

I am finally back in the Philippines and will be back to work tonight too. I am feeling the strain of the more than 12- hour travel we had from Putrajaya to Manila. I woke up around 8PM after a 5-hr deep sleep and ordered room service, I chose Lo Han Chai and Chocolate Mousse from the menu which set me back around RM50. Not too bad for hotel meal but I was a little disappointed that the Lo Han Chai was just all veggies that looked and tasted like chop suey. Well, I could have Googled it but I relied on the definition in the menu list (blame me!). It was my first meal of the day. I wasn’t really feeling that hungry because I downed so much water and I just chose to stay in. I have this habit of not eating if I know that I would not be spending energy anyway (bad eh?). I tried to enjoy the food anyway. I then decided to take a bath and stay in the tub for a good long half an hour. I felt so relaxed. I then changed and got back to uploading pictures and updating my other blog (here and here).

My roommate, Nikki, arrived a little after midnight and we had a little chat and she had me taste the Malaysian coffee she bought. It tasted good. I kinda liked it. Thank you Nikki. You were an awesome roomie and I didn’t really mind you waking me up for breakfast (in fact I am thankful). I missed breakfast on the second day so you waking me up that time was something I should be thankful for. We talked about my love story starting from the guy who still me owes me a few thousand pesos (whom Nikki clearly hated because I told her that scumbag blocked me from all his social networking sites). We also talked about the one who met an accident and died and the one who got back with his ex-girlfriend when he got back to the States from Iraq (yes, he was in the US Army and is currently based in Georgia). We also talked about the current one of course.

Call Time: 3AM. Nikki, Angela, Patty and I went out of our rooms and headed to the Marriott main lobby around 250AM. Some of the other bloggers are already there (as early as 2AM). I wasn’t really worried because I already checked in online (Big mistake! Continue reading to know why). The shuttle left for the airport around 330AM. It was a nice bus ride, I enjoyed the scenery. I wish the Philippines is as green as Malaysia. We passed by so many interesting bridges, vast plantation of oil palm trees, the Sepang F1 circuit and a lot of mosques and public housing. We alighted at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport around 5AM. With sleepy eyes and tired bodies, we all tagged our bags along and lined up for the check-in counter. There were about six of us who lined up in the wrong queue. In fairness to us, the counters were not labeled accordingly. We lined up for the flights going to India. Good thing we figured things out before it was too late. We then went to another area and there we saw the sign for counters going to the Philippines. We sighed for relief. I had to pay additional RM10 because I was not able to print my boarding pass after checking in online. Yeah right!

The flight was not at all smooth. The captain had to instruct the crew to go back to their seats because of the turbulence. The plane took off late but landed just in time. Thanks to AirAsia for that. Even then, we landed at the Clark Airport safely and with no scratch. After getting clearance at the immigration, we all boarded the shuttle to take us to Manila. And yes, it was another more than two hours bus ride because we had to stop for lunch and traffic started to build up near Katipunan in Quezon City. That sight made me realize that yes I am back in the Philippines…


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