On The Work Front

Yes, I am on my second week in my new company and I have just been going on self-paced module training, one on one mentoring with my manager, shadowing my new direct reports on how they go about their daily tasks among others. I have learned quite a bit and I am more than excited to finally get access to all the tools available for use in our department. I am still waiting for tools access to be granted to me. So far everyone has been friendly and I am adjusting quite well. I am just feeling weird that our area is so quiet compared to my previous company.

I haven’t felt any kind of stress at work for the most part because my tasks are a lot lighter than what I have accustomed to do before the change. The only thing that stresses me out is the overwhelming traffic on my way home from work. It is just too daunting. The shuttle service which I have taken advantage twice helped for the taxi fare which I have to shell out. I really need to learn how to commute to be able to save a little bit.

On a side note, my email service in my Blackberry has been activated already and I finally am able to access work stuff at home through VPN (all for business continuity I should say). I have so much plans in my head on how to go about leading but I am taking it slow. I do not want to rock the boat too much after all. In the meantime, maybe taking it all slow is the best thing. It would also be nice to note that I have never felt any regret moving to my new job. I think it is an ultimate blessing before the year ends.


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